Taste the Hand Picked Difference


What Makes Mandarin Hill Orchards Citrus So Good?

The answer is simple. The warm days and cool nights in our little foothills town of Penryn are perfect for growing citrus. We let our fruit stay on our trees until they are at their peak of ripeness, and then we pick them by hand to make sure each one is as sweet and delicious as possible.

We’ve been growing citrus this way for 70 years. Mandarin Hill Orchards is owned and operated by the Aguilar family, and we’re proud to be one of the oldest mandarin orchards in Placer County. We even have producing mandarin trees that date back to the 1880s. Really. Come by and we’ll show you. 

Orchard Address: 2334 Mandarin Hill Lane, Penryn, CA 95663

Family owned since 1947